Ride-Hailing Platform

A ride-hailing is an amenity service which can be made available across any countries, and with the different perspective of view to help motorbike owners and also the users. It has several benefits for the passengers and also the motorbike owners that we designated as our partner. The service can provide income to the partner. It helps the customer – our user – in a hectic timing situation and in a busy traffic situation for the better and quick last mile transport service. The most important thing is when it comes to travelling; the most prefer service can be motorbike taxi for its speed in the city traffic and most efficient in last mile logistics. This also applies for support in smaller, less congested environment or within off-city environment where taxi service is not available.

EzDom’s EzRide ride-hailing platform-based system is design with three applications in mind. The first is the management or administration system. This is to be used with the common browser available for Windows operating system. The other two apps are designed for Android and OS operating system.

EzRide is a platform-cloud-based system. EZDOM intends to provide quick deployment of ride-hailing solution for the customer. It is critical for customers to get into the market with reliable and sustainable system. Another advantage is the way EzRide is conceptualized for new enhancements to be added without overhauling of the base design.

Who We Are

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