License Plate Recognition System (LPR)

The license plate capture and recognition tools enabled solution for parking metering, area access control, and border crossing deployments. This solution works to deliver high-resolution streams back to Servers and Clients with video images of  monitored vehicles.

EZDOM integrates these technologies with other approaches of surveillance and monitoring system.

Car detection & License Plate Capture based on Image Analytics. No need to use sensors or external devices

Fast adaptation for work with new stands of license plates

Provides advanced reaction capability & automatic notification Based on License Plate Recognition and/or comparison with information from a database

Integration with external databases such as stolen or unlicensed vehicles

Multiple Frame analysis for higher accuracy

License Plate Database allows search for all images, video, information of time, date, direction of a vehicle

Real-time Video Management and Access to Video Archive embedded

Integration with the third party equipment & devices: barriers, automatic gate, weight scale, traffic management systems, etc

High quality License Plate Recognition in various conditions & luminosity

Reliable with a wide range of video cameras, including IP & Analog