Surveillance Tools

CCTV Surveillance

Closed-circuit television, also known as video surveillance, is the use of video cameras to capture streaming images. EZDOM enhanced this video capturing with AI tools like Machine Learning for automated and sustainable surveillance.

Video Analytics

EZDOM video analytics tools make your surveillance system more efficient, reduces the workload on security and management staff, and helps you capture the full value of security video of making your CCTV more intelligent.

Face Detection

EZDOM ensures the integration of the most proven face recognition technology and algorithm for and tested by international bodies. Our advantages are accuracy, deployment sizing capacity, speed, and growing functionalities.


With a high definition camera and fast database connectivity for quick reference checks, EZDOM ensures an accurate license plate recognition system from the CCTV text and image capture at entry points.

Digital Fence Intruder Detection

Fence that keeps burglars out. EZDOM uses CCTV, and our AI platform with video analytics to ensure alerts and alarms are triggered when and where intrusion happens -- all with digital technology.

Radar Surveillance

Radar surveillance monitors activity surrounding or on critical infrastructure areas such as airports, seaports, military installations, national borders, refineries, and other critical industries. Our radar system has ranges of up to over 10 km and more.

Drone System

Commercial drones can easily be transformed into powerful usage. Drones are constantly getting cheaper and accessible by everybody. Drones are now incorporating high-performance airborne technology. Let's Talk!

Anti-Drone System

360,000 drones are sold monthly. Commercial drones can easily be transformed into powerful weapons. Drones are constantly getting cheaper and accessible by everybody. EZDOM can protect you from these potential intruders.

Who We Are

A partner to help you build intelligence system to better your business efficiency and profit. We provide intelligence software solution to specific business needs. We apply stringent product development strategy and design process. We want our products to exceed our client expectation. Our mission is to improve our customer efficiency and profitability to ensure EZDOM growth.

We are providing services to improve your efficiency and profitability.