Drone System

Flight Planning

Flight Planning

Set up application which integrates with Google Earth to make the process extra simple. Making the drone follow complex landscape or flying points of interest.
Flight Monitoring

Flight Monitoring

Watch drone flights as they happen on server. Receive real-time telemetric data through embedded software. Alerts, status updates, and flight information reflected on monitor the drone flight.
Flight Analytics

Flight Analytics

Record and analyse the video data drone collects with embedded analytics software. This allows operator to keep detailed flight logs and the info for regular use or improving future missions.



Fault tolerant flight control algorithm to protect motors and propellers. Back-up battery with GPS module( GSM/GPRS). Data link system and GPRS triple control connection.


High performance carbon fiber material with integrated molding; rainproof design with stable performance; precise altitude control; dual mission loads optional(HD zoom camera/thermal imaging camera

Easy to Use

A highly modular flying system; easy to keep the device inside luggage or a flight case due to quick release or folding constructer design. 3D tasks and FPV ground controller support, one key take-off/landing, auto return, auto hovering, etc.

Long Endurance

Large capacity Li-Po battery for power supply and monitoring, hybrid version more than 2.5 hours long flight time

Long Distance

Superior power redundancy; flight distance up to 5km; Network remote control for auto cruise.