Digital Fence Intruder Detection

The detection function includes

Person detection

Detection of people outdoors, with discrimination of other movements that may be caused by animals and moving objects.

Vehicle Detection

Detection of vehicles outdoors.

Area entry/exit detection

This functionality allows you to create a contour that defines the protection zone, detects any movement that passes the contour in both directions.

Tempering detection

Unexpected camera position shift, whether by accident or intent, low visibility or no video signal notification.

Loitering Detection

Covers specified prohibited behaviour such as the same figure staying too long in a specified area (such as by a parked car).

Smart Auto PTZ

Smart functionality for PTZ cameras allows automatic verification in the alarm zone, generating a zoom image for a more accurate identification of the same.

Image Stabilization

The use of the pre-image stabilization process allows the detection algorithms to maintain their effectiveness even in conditions with strong wind, keeping the same low level of false alarms and high detection accuracy.

Appears / disappears detection

Alert on the sudden appearance or disappearance of an intruder, for example a person entering or exiting through a door.

Rules Chaining

Alerts can be based on the occurrence of multiple detections in a defined period of time. This functionality allows detection of complex situations.

Virtual IR

The new Virtual IR functionality of this systems virtually illuminates darker areas to improve intruder detection. The system processes the image received from the camera highlighting the dark parts of difficult definition, and showing a more illuminated image where the detections are clearly appreciated.

i-LIDS certified

This system with Primary certified by the UK Home Office Scientific Branch (HOSDB) , specifically as an i-LIDS® approved detection system for use of sterile zone operational alert in security applications, therefore is very reliable with high accuracy.