About Us

EZDOM core expertise is in designing and delivering Intelligence Surveillence Systems and Information Technology Systems. Our Intelligence Surveillence Systems are designed for highly-secure environment using information technology as the security detection platform. We offer Information Technology Systems solution with rich experiences in technology integration and application deployment for the cloud and on-premise platforms.

We have a software development facility and deployment teams  with skill sets that will ensure precision delivery encompassing on-time and on-budget deployment for our customers.


Our focus is in designing and implementing sustainable, highly secured intellligence platform-based integrated IT solutions with cutting-edge tools and artificial intelligence technologies targeted for the browser, web, cloud and mobile system.  Our development facility and methodology focus on deliverables that meet the customer’s commercial requirements and business needs.


We deploy intelligence platform system to better your business profitability.  We deliver Intelligence Platform solutions with the combination of services as shown above.


“The pace of change have never been this fast, and yet will never been this slow again.”


This is nothing but the truth.


Organizations have been left behind and some to extinction.  Looking at the local industry we are facing extinction of the following industries like public phone operator. The Taxi industry is increasingly frustrated with the E-Hailing services.  The hospitality businesses are facing their own challenges with global reaching Airbnb.  And there are more new disruptive technologies to come.


The changes are coming. We must grow with technology.  We must built better intelligence and the best way is to turn our very own data into business inteligence.  We collect data from various sources.  We apply new AI analytics tools. We provide insights from the analytics to improve our efficiency and profit.


EZDOM is keen to be a component of the catalyst of your organization – our customer and our partner – in achieving that needed growth.

Who we Are

A partner to help you build intelligence system to better your business efficiency and profit. We provide intelligence software solution to specific business needs. We apply stringent product development strategy and design process. We want our products to exceed our client expectation. Our mission is to improve our customer efficiency and profitability to ensure EZDOM growth.

We are providing services to improve your efficiency and profitability.